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Kansas City Area Commercial Roofing Installation, Maintenane and Repair - Weather Tech Renovations

Weather Tech Renovations provides, inspections, new installation, re-roofing and repair for all types of commercial projects.  Our Commercial Roofing TECHnicians are highly skilled, they are experts with years of experience.  They can tackle even the most difficult roofing projects and ensure complete client satisfaction. We take great pride in serving both commercial and residential customers in the Kansas City and surrounding areas (serving both Kansas and Missouri).

Every commercial roofing project our Weather TECHnicians complete must pass our highest standards and yours.  We provide free, no-obligation estimates. We also back every project with our 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee in addition to the rock-solid warrantees provided by the manufacturers of the quality roofing products we offer.

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Our Quality Commercial Roofing Options

Kansas City TPO Thermoplastic Roof Install, Repair and Maintenance - Weather Tech Renovations

TPO (Thermoplastic)
TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane that offers superior performance at an economical price point. The heat-welded seams on TPO roofing provide extra strength. This type of roof is resistant to long-term heat, UV, and natural fungus.  It is flexibility without the need for plasticizers which makes it a great low-slope roofing solution. Carlisle and GAF are two of the top manufacturers of Thermoplastic roofing materials and both are backed by great warranties.

Kansas City EPDM Roofing Synthetic Rubber Install, Repair and Maintenance - Weather Tech Renovations

EPDM roofing is made from an extremely durable synthetic rubber membrane. This roofing solutions has the longest average service life of approximately 25-30 years. EPDM is lightweight and flexible and can be used for flat, low and steep slope roofs.  It is also a great option for roof over application. EPDM has a high resistance to wind, hail, UV radiation, thermal shock and extreme temperatures.  It is an extremely durable option that will keep your commercial roof watertight for many years.

Kansas City Modified Bitumen Roofing Install, Repair and Maintenance - Weather Tech Renovations

Modified Bitumen
Modified Bitumen (MB) roofing is an asphalt-based roofing option ideal for buildings with low-slope or “flat” roofs. Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems are designed to withstand extreme environmental elements. This asphalt system is comprised of five layers of protection, making it one of the most popular and trusted flat roofing systems used in the industry today. MB is sold in rolls, and its seams are sealed using heat (open flame torch), hot or cold applied, or self-adhering.

Kansas City Wood Shake Shingle Residential Roofing Install, Repair and Maintenance - Weather Tech Renovations

Commercial metal roofing typically has a higher initial cost; however, metal roofs will save you time and money in the long run. Metal roofing has a very long lifespan (60+ years) and is very low maintenance.  Metal roofs reflect heat, so they are energy efficient compared to other traditional roofing materials.
Metal roofing comes in both concealed and exposed fastener panel options. With a broad selection of colors, you are bound to find the perfect match for your commercial construction project.

Kansas City Metal Standing Seam Roof Install, Repair and Maintenance - Weather Tech Renovations

Standing Seam
Standing seam metal roofing is a concealed fastener roofing system which features vertical or trapezoidal legs with a flat space in between. Standing seam metal roofs are some of the most durable and weather-tight options available. The concealed fastener design protects the fasteners from exposure to the harsh elements ensuring a long lifespan. Standing seam panels are attached to the roof deck with clamps, so there are no nail holes or other fasteners that would allow moisture to seep through.

Kansas City Coated Roofing System Install, Repair and Maintenance - Weather Tech Renovations

Coated Roofing Systems
When talking about commercial roof coatings, there are several different options available. Silicone, acrylic, aluminum, polyurethane, and others. Most commercial roof coatings used in the market are typically silicone and acrylic. There are many benefits to roof coatings.  They almost always eliminate leaks, they are reflective helping to keep your building cooler and reduce utility costs and they are easier, faster and less expensive to apply.

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